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Celebrating 25 Years in

God’s Mission in Africa

Dear Family and Friends,

Our family touched down on African soil 25 years ago this month. It has been an incredible journey! We are deeply humbled and grateful for God’s leading each step of the way. We can’t believe how time has passed so quickly. We have all grown through the many experiences of schooling, building lasting friendships, and ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ.


As we look back, here are a few ways God has been at work:

  • Seeing all four of our kids grow in their relationship with Christ and fulfilling their unique purposes in God’s kingdom.
  • Providing godly South African life partners for Ann with Mark, Stephen with Dani, and John with Kirsty (to be married in March 2023).
  • Allowing Jenny to serve through the Finetown HIV/AIDs caregivers, orphans, and Sunday school teacher training.
  • Opening doors for Karl to facilitate a variety of leadership coaching, disciple-making, and church planting training toward the multiplication of over 10,000 new faith communities in Africa.
  • Allowing Karl and Jenny to personally coach and mentor many ministry leaders to grow God’s kingdom.
  • Assisting in coordinating the Chinese Outreach Network to reach the Chinese diaspora in Southern Africa.
  • Helping to mobilize workers to serve in North Africa.
  • Allowing Karl to serve as the Southern Africa field director for 17 years and Africa area director for the past seven years. We are grateful for the dear friendships, healthy teams, and fruitful ministry partnerships that have developed!
  • Growing the OC Africa Southern Africa board toward the sending of workers from Southern Africa to Africa and the world.

Our son John is a professional videographer and created an amazing short video of our family’s 25 years in mission. Please follow link to watch this inspiring story of God’s faithfulness. (


Your partnership through prayer and financial support have been foundational along the way! We truly could not have come this far without your faithful commitment.


For Gods Glory,

Karl & Jenny