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It is Now and 2026 also...

Time Flies

Let’s put it in perspective. Have you realized that the second month of the year is gone? How can that be? Christmas and New Year’s Eve were like last week. That’s just to give you an idea of how difficult is to keep you updated as the days are fleeting. This reality makes me remember and ponder the advice “… teach us to number our days…”. So much has happened in the past six months that it makes sense to me to follow that warning.


This month, the whole MANI Continental Executive group is gathering to continue planning for the continental gathering in 2026. Surely you are aware that MANI stands for Movement for African National Initiatives. There are an enormous number of tasks to be taken care of up until March of that year. Together we are planning the selection of those who should be there, who will come as observers and visitors, who will be speakers, workshops, the logistics of it, the groundwork needed, and so on.


There are a myriad of details we all need to pay attention to. There has been a lot of progress made since we started this movement in Africa, but more needs to be perfected and re-arranged, and new leadership needs to be brought into the fold. There is so much to take care of. We need your prayers. We need wisdom. We need HIS guidance!

Right after that meeting, I will continue to Guinea Bissau. There I will be running a training for researchers to start the process of going around the country to find out where the church is and where it is not, who the people who live around those congregations are, and how the church can serve them. Besides that, we will find out where the pockets with the presence of believers are and how those areas can be targeted for Discipleship movements and the planting of new healthy churches. It is a long and daunting task to be accomplished. We hope to start it and finish it in two to three years. Then, assemble the national leadership and pass the findings to them with a challenge: the Macedonian call. We want to see hearts changed, and cooperation and collaboration being fostered among leaders. We are dreaming big!


Last month started our 34th year of ministry in Africa. Looking back, it doesn’t seem to be that long. It is hard to believe it. You’ve stuck around for so many years (decades?) with us, and we are privileged, grateful. Your companionship is worth more than a thousand words. Even then, they wouldn’t be enough. Thank you! Be assured of our deepest gratitude. During those years, the world has changed, many are home now, and many others have joined, starting their journey with us already halfway through. Through it all, we are grateful to the Father for the gift of you! May He continue to bless you and your service for a world in great need of a Savior!

As you think of us, pray! The battle is fierce and is raging on! Want to ask questions, want to know more? Drop me a note. We need more people here in His harvest. Yes, pray! With you in His harvest,

Barbosa and Sinara