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Good News

From a Distant Land – Proverbs 25:25

Greetings to you all from California where we just celebrated Easter with our home-sending congregation. This is the beginning of a 3-month home assignment including Arizona and Colorado. We look forward to connecting with many of you as well as our sons and Jay’s extended family. Our visit will culminate in time with our US Mobilisation Center and missionaries with OC from around the world. This is always refreshing as we debrief our experiences together and pray for one another. OC has always done such an excellent job of caring for us and our families on the field. We are very grateful.

Jay farms chickens too

Prior to leaving Zimbabwe, we needed to tie up a lot of loose ends and to gain some perspective on how effective various endeavours had been. One of those was the post-Covid bi-vocational training we did with local church leaders. The report was very encouraging. Pastor Sharon lives in a one room home with her 4 grandchildren. Providing for them was very difficult. After completing the bi-vocational farming training she was given 100 chicks. Today she is on her 4th batch of chickens and it is greatly helping to meet her needs.

Another pastor shared with us that he started with 100 chicks and has worked his way up to 800. Yet another told us that he is not only chicken farming for himself but that he is now helping others in his community to do so too. It is so heart-warming to know when one’s investment has borne fruit. To all who donated, thank you.

During the training and then monthly, Jay and I met with these church leaders to discuss personal soul care and to revise life and ministry post-Covid. One shared that he now takes time to love his family and spend time with his children. Pastor Deborah shared how much practicing Sabbath helps to revitalize her for the week ahead. After the session in which we discussed ideas to help combat the drug problem among the youth, pastors made a point of expressing their gratitude and the importance of meeting regularly to encourage one another and learn.

Sarah and Pastor Deborah

Happy Marriages

In the 6 weeks before our departure, we ran a marriage weekend; brought our young disciples now scattered around the country together to challenge them with the great commission; taught; preached; helped consult for a program regarding cultural and economic inclusion; coached a young couple through some marital challenges; and laid the groundwork for some future initiatives. Jay honed his skills in beekeeping and Sarah worked on our current travel plans. If you’d like to know more, we’d love to connect. Send us an email or you can also reach us on Whatsapp at +263 78 356 4687.


With love and gratitude for the partnership with you,


Jay & Sarah