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In partnership with 248 Ministries, we facilitate online GOD MOVEMENT training with teams to multiply disciple-making movements among unreached urban affinity groups. New leaders will be developed, and churches reproduced through growing disciple-making groups.


The GOD MOVEMENT training begins with the INTRODUCTION TO GOD MOVEMENTS module focuses on discovering the basic principles of God movements and how to catalyze a Disciple-Making Movement in your community. The participants will learn how to:

  • Overcome the complex challenges of movement building in cities,
  • Multiply disciples and disciple makers,
  • Function as a city catalyst that builds and implements a city strategy,
  • Make a deep, lasting and transformative impact.

Each participant in the training will personally work through 5 short assignments a week (about 15-20 minutes a day). Then each participant will meet via Zoom for 60 minutes to debrief and discuss the learning as a large group and in team breakouts. The total time commitment for a team member doing the training is about 3 hours a week during the 6-weeks.


Upon completion, participants will be presented with the option to gather a team and continue in the Pioneer Team Journey. This training consists of eight 6-week modules presented once a quarter. The trainings are presented through the same personal daily worksheets and videos, culminating in weekly online 60-minute debrief and discussion sessions as a group and team breakouts.

The Pioneer Team Journey modules include:

  1. FOCUS – discovering my life calling and highest contribution,
  2. ENVISION – capturing and implementing a compelling vision,
  3. SURRENDER – becoming the leader that others want to imitate,
  4. ALIGN – building healthy teams and sustainable rhythms,
  5. ENGAGE – engaging the brokenness and lostness of the city,
  6. DISCIPLE – multiplying disciples and disciple makers,
  7. EMPOWER – walking and working in the power of the Holy Spirit,
  8. ESTABLISH – building sustainable movement structures.

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Mission Shaped Movement exists to serve the Church in developing mission-shaped communities.


The organisations four-fold strategy includes:


TRAINING: Equipping stakeholders for discipleship and mission

Mission Shaped Introduction
The MSI course of 6 sessions seeks to equip local church leaders to think and act missional in their context.
Mission Shaped Ministry – Short Courses: These courses seek to equip leaders to lead their communities to become more missional in order to pioneer fresh expressions of church, presented ecumenically around Southern Africa. Courses include: Start-Ups, Leadership, Evangelism, Disciple-making and Church Health.



Accompanying congregations and Church leaders in missional formation.FA has trained and deployed trained coaches in most regions in Southern Africa to be support missional leaders in our changing and challenging context with a transformational process.



Sharing the vision of missional church and disciple making movements; Expanding our partnerships and journeying with our members.
FA team leaders are available to envision and motivate church leaders on a variety of themes, including being a missional church, disciple-making, evangelism, starting new faith communities, and more.



Engaging congregations for missional transformation.
Coming alongside local churches, regional bodies and even denominational structures who want to do research in order to serve and engage with their communities more effectively.


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SACON exists to facilitate the evangelization and discipling of the Chinese peoples in Southern Africa.



SACON exists to facilitate the evangelization and discipling of the Chinese peoples in Southern Africa.



We mobilize Christian churches, para-church organizations and concerned individuals through networking, training, mentoring, and resources to evangelize and disciple the Chinese people in Southern Africa and beyond.



        1. Promote and develop national and provincial SACON committees.
        2. Develop a current database of those reaching the Chinese in Southern Africa with available training, mentoring and resources.
        3. Create an accurate picture of the Chinese people living in Southern Africa.
        4. Receive and connect missionaries from outside Southern Africa.
        5. Send and engage with believers back in China.
        1. Promote awareness and provide training to effectively evangelize and disciple Chinese people.
        2. Develop a team of trainers to present training events.
        3. Provide mentors who can assist believers to evangelize and disciple Chinese people.
        4. Mobilize church planters to multiply new Chinese discipleship groups and churches.
      1. RESOURCES
        1. Provide an active list of available materials, Bibles, and other resources to effective evangelize and disciple Chinese people.


Christ’s final command to us was to “Go make disciples of all nations.” How does the church make disciple-making disciples?


Christ’s final command to us was to “Go make disciples of all nations.” How does the church make disciple-making disciples?  OC Africa is helping churches with training, innovative models, and coaching to engage unchurched people of all generations to multiply authentic followers of Christ and disciple the nations.


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